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Bouere: A frog-like zombie which appears only in Chapter 1 if player(s) will fail to save the first couple of survivors.

Victor hides Sparky in the attic, but he can't keep him hidden for long and Sparky wanders outside and frightens Victor's friend Anne Chambers. She calls her dad, who confronts Victor's parents, who soon find Sparky. They agree to keep him hidden, but after rumors start spreading about them, they are forced to reveal Sparky to their neighbors. Sparky runs away from home, followed by Victor, his parents, and the neighbors. Sparky and Victor hides in a small windmill that a man accidentally sets ablaze. Victor falls through a hole and Sparky drags him out of the windmill, which collapses on the dog. As a reward for his bravery, the neighbors recharge him with their cars, and a Poodle jumps out of a car and she and Sparky presumably get together.

Bare Mutants - The AfflictionBare Mutants - The AfflictionBare Mutants - The AfflictionBare Mutants - The Affliction

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