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Upon its release, Fishscale received universal acclaim from music critics. At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 88, based on 32 reviews. [4] Robert Christgau of The Village Voice called it a crack-trade "trend record that ranks with any Biggie or Wu CD". He found Ghostface Killah's stories to be as "vivid, brutal, and thought-out as any noir " and felt that the music features "a powerfully souled and sampled Clan-type groove" and a "screeching intensity" similar to Public Enemy 's 1988 album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back . [14] Writing for Entertainment Weekly , Raymond Fiore said that "he may not be reinventing himself with Fishscale , but as a must-hear street storyteller, Ghostface Killah's still at the top of his game." [7] Matt Barone from XXL wrote that, "with a few forced collaborations being its only flaw, Fishscale is Ghost’s most addictive dosage post Supreme Clientele . Packed with vivid street tales, comic relief and straight spittin’, the album continues his standard of excellence." [15]

While he certainly gained a ton of press coverage for buying the album, it hasn't all been positive. Ghostface Killah, a prominent member of the Wu-Tang Clan, publicly criticized the decision by Shkreli's firm, Turing Pharmaceuticals, to raise the price of Daraprim, an AIDS drug, from $ a pill to $750 a pop .

Ghostface Killah - CherChez LaGhostGhostface Killah - CherChez LaGhostGhostface Killah - CherChez LaGhostGhostface Killah - CherChez LaGhost

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